From a financial request via an online romantic interest to a threatening call from the taxman, fraud attempts against older Canadians are wide-ranging and constantly evolving in their ability to deceive.

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Mobility researcher Edward Lemaire watched as a patient, long bound to his wheelchair, stood up and looked around the room.
He marvelled at his own height. And then he started to walk.

In the lead up to the October federal election, Sage reached out  to all the federal party leaders to speak about Federal Retirees’ four main election issues. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, and Bloc Quebecois chef Yves-François Blanchet all agreed to interviews.

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Elections are exciting.



Federal retirees’ pensions are too expensive. They are unsustainable!

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Key Points:

Patient Jessie Maisby poses for a photo in the SAM3 apartment at the Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital in Ottawa. Photo:  Politics/Matthew Usherwood

Photo: Aaron Cohen/Canadian Museum for Human Rights


Like many retirees, Barbara and Clarence Nepinak find themselves even busier now than when they were still working full-time. 

Cheryl Lamerson and husband Will Brooks greet the crowds while aboard an antique fire truck during last November’s Lunenburg Santa Parade.  Photo: Vicki Mossman-Conrad, Lunenburg

Pierre Cousineau


This spring, the Advisory Committee on the Implementation of National Pharmacare, led by former Ontario Health Minister Dr. Eric Hoskins, will release its much-anticipated report.

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When it comes to divorce, “70 is the new 30,” according to family lawyer Rick Peticca.


Senior bureaucrat Matthew Mendelsohn has stayed in the shadows  as Canada’s first chief deliveryman, but as the election approaches the spotlight will turn on his “results and delivery” unit to see how many of the Trudeau government’s promises came true.

Vera and Bob Smith are typical of many retired couples in Canada — they are house rich and cash poor. They live on old age security and CPP payments, supplemented by a small private pension, and income Vera earns part-time.