Board of Directors


Position  Name  Elected Terms
President  Fred Conway  2022-2023
Vice President  Vacant     
Treasurer   Tom Nichols 2020-2023
Recording Secretary   Ed Millar  2022-2025
Director     Vasdev Sawhney   2022-2025
Past President  Tom Nichols  
Director    Giuseppe (Joe) Vettese 2021-2024
Director Advocacy Lead Sharon Carson 2022-2025
Director  Sharon Paris 2022-2025
Director Events Coordinator  Marie MacPhee 2021-2024
Director Branch Web Content Editor Frank Froude 2022-2025
Membership Director  Linda Laffree 2020-2023


                                                                Board of Directors 2020/21   York Branch Board of Directors 2020/21 Tom's Picture

Left to Right
1st Row:     Frank Froude, Fred Conway, Linda Laffree
2nd Row:    Marie MacPhee, Sharon Paris, Ed Miller
3rd Row:    Vasdev Sawhney, Joe Vettese, Ken Ackles (retired)
4th Row:    Tom Nichols
Missing:     Sharon Carson