Quinte Branch

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our Christmas luncheon because of insufficient numbers needed to meet our caterer’s threshold to cater the event. It was very disappointing to your Board to have to cancel. The message interpreted by the Board from this need to cancel is that there is very little interest by this Branch’s members to participate in Branch events or to support the board in its efforts to revitalize the Branch following two years of Covid restrictions. As a result, the board unanimously voted to submit our collective resignation to the National Office effective Dec. 31, 2022. A letter to that effect was sent to our national president, Roy Goodall, and to the Ontario District representatives.

Some reading this decision may consider it churlish of the board to take such action. But if you consider our position for a moment, as volunteers attempting to reinvigorate the branch and seeing very little interest in such actions from the membership, we were left with no other conclusion than the Branch membership is not interested in supporting the branch board. There were also several other factors impacting this decision that are beyond the scope of this insert to discuss.

Fortunately for the branch, both the Ontario District and the national office reacted very aggressively to this board decision and offered to assist the Board proactively to maintain branch operations. As a result of discussions conducted during a Zoom meeting with the National CEO, Anthony Pizzino, and Ontario District representatives Carol Grieco and Ted Young, the Board decided to delay its resignation until after the Annual General Meeting (AGM) slated for 12 April 2023. The National CEO stated he would support the board by mailing a letter to all Branch members advising of the Branch’s situation and encouraging members to support the board by participating in the upcoming AGM.

Another positive is we have just welcomed a new Treasurer to the branch. Barry Birkett will replace long serving and a branch stalwart, Pat Russell, as branch treasurer effective immediately. Quinte Branch very much thanks Pat for her long service to the National Association. Our hope, therefore, is that the Branch membership will see the value in maintaining the Quinte Branch and take an active role in bothn participating in Board operations and Branch activities.

Separate correspondence in the form of an e-blast closer to the intended AGM date will advise of the timing for the AGM and venue. AGM information will also be posted to the branch website at https://www.federalretirees.ca/en/branches/ontario/quinte-branch closer to the actual date. It is your board’s collective wish that you, the branch membership, will show your active interest in maintaining this branch by attending the AGM if able. This is your National Association of Federal Retirees branch and it is your choice whether or not it continues to operate in your interest.

Please feel free to contact me directly at margueratt@gmail.com if you have questions about the branch’s operations or wish to help the Branch.

Dennis Margueratt

Branch President

Quinte Branch (ON45)

PO Box 20074
Belleville, ON
K8N 5V1

(613) 968-7212


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