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A spring-time welcome to all members!

We can all agree that the past winter was one of extremes. Unusual seasons with violent storms seem to be a global phenomena. Mother Nature is giving us a taste of her displeasure as we continue to pollute our environment. Perhaps, as individuals, it is time to change our habits, reduce our consumption of fossil based fuels and solids, conserve more energy and become more environmentally friendly. As a group, we can influence and have a real impact on our environment.

Our Annual Meeting is scheduled for May 8, 2019, at the Royal Canadian Legion in Cornwall, from 10 am to 12 noon. Lunch will be served.

Our guest speaker, Lynn Masralla from Johnson Insurance, will address us on the topic of "Dispelling the myths of automobile and home insurance". Lynn will also provide tips on how to better protect our homes and cars from damage. A questions and answers period will follow.

The position of treasurer will be up for election at this meeting. This position must be filled to comply with our by-laws. The elected treasurer serves for a three year term. If you are interested, or know of anyone who would be a good candidate, please advise me or any member of the Executive either by e-mail or by telephone.

There are a number of current issues of concern to federal retirees:

- The recent announcement of over-payment of Canada Pension benefits and the possibility of pensioners being asked to reimburse the government for any over-payment is an area of concern, in which NAFR might become involved.

- Bill C-27 is still on the books, and could define the type of pension federal employees would receive upon retirement. NAFR is lobbying on your behalf to have the relevant proposals removed.

-The unilateral changes by the past government resulted in an increase to your medical premiums. NAFR is still working to have this decision reversed.

These are just examples of how your dues are used to protect our pensions and benefits.  However, to be successful, we need more members to be active, to speak out, to lobby their MP or MPP.  Throughout our working careers, we invested a good portion of our salary into our pension plan, and the employer's contribution was part of the terms of engagement, not to be changed later on.  Attempts to characterize retired public servants as "fat cats" does not correspond to the facts and has to be countered in the public space.  NAFR supports and advocates the right for all workers to have a defined benefits pension plan they can count on.

It is important that the National Association of Federal Retirees remains a strong and vocal organization and that can only happen if members stay involved. NAFR district branches are the foundation of our organization.  Active local branches can best respond to local concerns and direct our national executive on our priorities. Let your voice be heard by your presence at our annual meeting.  Have a great spring.

JoAn Halliday

Cornwall and District Branch

Here are the officers elected for the Cornwall chapter (ON54) on June 01 2018 in Cornwall:

  • President:   JoAn Halliday of Cornwall
  • Vice-president:   Daniel Palmer of Cornwall
  • Treasurer:  Mike McKinnon of Cornwall
  • Secretary:  Mike Griffin of Moose Creek

Members at large / volunteers:

  • Pauline Dupont
  • Kenda Palmer
  • Gérard Piette
Cornwall & District Branch (ON54)

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