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To Members of the Cornwall & District Branch:

Because of the ongoing CODVID-19 pandemic, our branch is postponing our Annual Meeting, scheduled for April 29th, 2020. The Meeting is now tentatively scheduled for September 9, 2020 at the Cornwall Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion. Members will be advised well in advance of any further changes that may become necessary given evolving local heath conditions.

In the meantime, the executive will continue to carry out our functions and the branch will continue to operate as usual.

The current health situation could worsen and we would urge each and everyone to follow the advice of the medical community and our municipal, provincial and federal governments.  There are simple things that we, as individuals can do, to lessen the spread of the virus.

For example:

Stay home, do not make unnecessary trips;
When grocery shopping, go alone, and limit your purchases to a two week supply;
Social distancing to minimize contagion possibilities;
Wash and scrub your hands in hot soapy water several times a day, especially before eating;
Avoid touching any part of your face;
Frequently disinfect all commonly touched surface and objects in your house;
Cough into your sleeve, or a tissue which you then dispose of;
Reach out by phone to elderly or isolated neighbours;
Stay in touch with family and friends by telephone, or e-mail, video-conference, etc;
Do not share information that does not come from credible sources, to avoid spreading false information and protect yourself and others from scams;

And most importantly, do not panic. 

The federal and provincial governments have put a number of measures in place to help individuals in need.  Information is available on the government web sites.

My message to each and every one of you, is to stay safe, listen and follow the directives from our health, and government officials, and together we will all get through this most difficult of times.

JoAn Halliday
Cornwall and District Branch


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