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Greetings from the President of the Cornwall and District Branch.

This year’s branch annual meeting (BAM) was held at the Royal Canadian Legion in Cornwall on May 5th.  Attendance was approximately 70 members.  We hope to continue to expand attendance at the meetings.  Our guest speaker at our Annual Meeting was Lynn Nasralla from Johnson Insurance, who discussed the changes to home and auto insurance.   The presentation was followed by an informative question and answer session.

I recently attended the Annual Members Meeting held in Gatineau, Quebec, as your voting delegate.  A number of issues were successfully voted on.   I participated in the Presidents’ Forum discussion group, the Advocacy Workshop and the Communications Workshop.  Our Vice-President also attended as an observer and participated in the workshops.  The workshops were very interesting and quite productive.

The Branch is now in the process of planning activities relating to the upcoming federal election in October.  Our main focus will be the four pillars of interest to federal retirees, and indeed to all retirees, which are:  Retirement Income Security, National Seniors Strategy, Pharmacare, and Veterans Issues.  These are the areas we need to address with all the political parties to determine where our future Members of Parliament stand on these issues.

Cornwall and District Branch have three electoral ridings within its boundaries, Stormont- Dundas and South Glengarry, Leeds-Grenville- Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes, and North Glengarry-Prescott-Russell.

Our participation as a Branch to this effort will mean that the branch executive and volunteers will have more work to do over the coming months.  Every one of our members should step forward and help, by attending all candidates meetings, meeting with individual candidates whenever possible and asking for their support on the above noted issues.  Sending a letter, e-mail or placing a phone call in response to a statement on a relevant issue by a candidate can be other ways to advance our cause.

We will be joining force with other senior groups who share the same concerns, to host all candidates meetings, town halls, etc., throughout the region covered by the Branch.  This means that we will need all hands on deck to assist in many ways to make these meetings with the candidates successful.

Do not underestimate your individual abilities to effect change, be it by simply attending these meetings and spreading the word about them, or by becoming directly involved with your Executive in the planning of these events.

We will provide all the material you need to hand out to the candidates and a package that addresses the four principles we identified as important to federal retirees in this federal election. To do this we need your help to meet the candidates, interact with them and pass on the message. 

Seniors vote and the candidates know this!  If we are visible at all candidates meetings, town halls, and one-on-ones, and speak with one voice, they will get the message – DON’T MESS WITH SENIORS!

Lastly, your informed vote being cast is the basis of our democracy and we encourage you to exercise that fundamental right of freedom of choice.  Elections are sometimes won by only one vote, so let the federal retirees voice be represented, one ballot at a time!

Strength is in numbers, may we count on your participation to make these All Candidates Meetings a success?  I know you will and thank you for your help in advance.


Enjoy the summer.

JoAn Halliday



  • President:   JoAn Halliday of Cornwall
  • Vice-president:   Daniel Palmer of Cornwall
  • Treasurer:  Mike McKinnon of Cornwall
  • Secretary:  Mike Griffin of Moose Creek

Members at large / volunteers:

  • Pauline Dupont
  • Gérard Piette
Cornwall & District Branch (ON54)

141 Markell Cres
Cornwall, ON
K6H 6X2

(613) 938-8265

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