Near North

Welcome to the Near North Branch of the National Association of Federal Retirees. In addition to our regular events, from time to time you'll find information here on Association advocacy events as well as national events.

We invite you to take a minute to learn more about our new branch website, and to learn more about our current advocacy campaign, Honour Your Promise. And please be sure to like Federal Retirees on Facebook.

We are looking for volunteers to become part of our executive. If interested please contact our president.

President Jean Gagnon           705-498-0570

Vice President Karl Foster       705-753-5825

Advocacy Bruce Hofferd          705-494-0962

Tresurer  Lorriane Restoule     705-978-0344

Secretary  May Botchar           705-497-3269


National Office                         1-855-304-4700


And finally, we will update our site regularly, so check back often for the latest news and coming events.


Near North Branch (ON50)

PO Box 982 STN Main
North Bay, ON
P1B 8K3

(705) 498-0570
Branch Events