Founding of York Branch

In the spring of 1998, Jim Rowlatt, Regional Director for Central and Northern Ontario and national board member, organized a meeting of Toronto Branch members who were interested in forming a new branch. The impetus for the meeting was a desire on the part of Toronto Branch members living in the northern reaches of the branch’s territory to hold meetings and other branch activities closer to their residences.  The initial meeting of about 30 interested Toronto Branch members was held in May 1998 at which a small group of volunteers agreed to undertake the work to establish the new entity.

This work involved discussions and negotiations with what would be neighbouring branches in order to reach agreement on new boundaries, as well as research to be used in writing a set of branch by-laws.

The culmination of these efforts was achieved at the formative meeting of members held in October 1998. By-laws were approved and interim directors were elected by the members in attendance. The by-laws were immediately submitted to the association’s national office and were accompanied by a formal application for a charter for the new York Branch.

A charter for York Branch was granted by the national board of directors and was presented to the branch by national president Rex Guy at the first branch AGM held on May 12, 1999 at the Royal Canadian Legion in Richmond Hill.

The board of directors elected at the first branch AGM were:

President & Newsletter Editor             Francis Bowkett
Vice-president Membership                John Schneider
Treasurer                                            George Smith
Secretary                                            Janet Bryson
Director at Large                                Daphne Adams
Director (Telephone Committee)        Dexter Butt
Director at Large                                Ted Dissette
Director at Large                                Robert Smith

Submitted by Francis Bowkett