Branch President’s Message

Message from the President

Do you remember the CTV show “Here Come the 70s?” It aired at a time when we were all agog at the wondrous things happening now and just around the corner. It was a hopeful time, but the producers couldn’t imagine what the world would look like 50 years later. And the robots were so lame back then.

So now, I’ve tapped into a website that will teach me how to deal with artificial intelligence, and I’ve been getting a lot of mail (email and otherwise) urging me to electrify my car, my heating, and heaven knows what else. I’m not afraid of new tech; I’ve long used a battery-powered lawn mower, and my chain saw and leaf blower are battery-electric, but at the same time I tend to be cautious about things that are still getting mixed reviews. I’ll go the electric route as soon as I am sure I won’t be stranded somewhere on the highway or freezing during the next power failure. And I’ll have an ‘Assistant’ in the house as soon as I can be sure he/she/it is not plotting to empty my bank account and take over.

But seriously, folks — I’d like to welcome the newcomers to Federal Retirees, Quintrent Branch, and encourage everyone to come out to our meetings. We get to enjoy some food and visit with other retirees, and listen to some interesting and entertaining speakers. All part of the service — I told you the annual dues are a good deal. There are two annual meetings of members, spring and fall — just check this magazine, the bulletin, or the website for times.

And don’t forget the two parties we throw — the BBQ in June and the Christmas dinner in, you guessed it, December. Low price, good food, great company – a bargain!

The Ontario district branches have been meeting by Zoom and in person to share ideas and plan how to continue to achieve the aims of the Association. We’ve been meeting with and bugging our political representatives to make sure they know we exist and are a powerful voting group. The national office has been a big help in providing ideas, material, and online assistance. They are very knowledgeable and dedicated, and easy to work with.

Have you noticed the calls for members to volunteer for board positions at all levels? We need people at the branch, district and national levels to provide their own ideas and expertise to a cause that couldn’t be more important to us deserving retirees. Our branch has a new board member — Sarah has fit right in — but we need more people to join the fun. Give me a call (or e-thing) if you think you might be interested.

I certify that this epistle has not been written by an AI.

Tom Kupecz

Branch President