Branch History & By-Laws

History of Quintrent Branch

The branch received its charter from the Federal Superannuates National Association (FSNA) to begin operations on December 8, 1982, with just over 200 members.  The president of the branch at the time was Reid Goulding.

The branch held general and executive positions in several locations in the formative years. Such places as the Dufferin Centre, Skyline Café, and later in the Trenton Legion. Finally, in the summer of 2005, a small (emphasis on small) office space was located in the old Marc Garneau school on Marmora Street in Trenton. Then in 2010 an agreement was reached with the Trenton Lion's Club to build and rent an office in the basement of the Lion's Club on Campbell Street in Trenton, where we are still.

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Amendments to Branch Bylaw - April 2022

Ref: A.  Federal Retirees financial regulation 4.3 Branch Reserves & Branch Surplus Funds

B. ON Branch 46 Bylaws

1.    Per Ref A para 4.1 the following reserves may be used by branches, with the value of each reserve tailored to meet the needs & circumstances of each branch as determined by the branch board:

  1. Information technology & equipment
  2. Rental facility improvements
  3. Special events
  4. Advocacy
  5. Recruiting/Communications
  6. Training/Succession planning
  7. Human resources liability  
  8. Un-allocated equity

2.   At present we have reserves for equipment, training, 40th anniversary & advocacy. In ref B, Part IX, financial administration, defense of benefits emergency reserve fund (DOB), we refer to the need to establish & maintain a reserve fund known as the defense of benefits emergency reserve fund. IAW Federal Retirees financial directives, that reserve fund is not to be used by branches & is the sole purview of Federal Retirees finance.

3.  We must therefore amend our branch bylaws to remove reference to the DOB fund & include the new terminology. Concurrently, we have to amend our reserve funds template to include the new wording.

Part IX, Financial Administration. Defence of Benefits Reserve Fund.

    a.    Remove this title & replace with “reserved equity funds”.
    b.    Amend paragraph eight to read as follows: The branch may establish & maintain reserve funds, withdrawals  from which may only be made to support activities within those reserve funds. These reserve funds will be information technology & equipment; special events; advocacy; recruiting/communications & training/succession planning.
    c.    Amend paragraph nine to read as follow: The maximum amount to be held in the reserve funds, & the limit for individual withdrawals for specific purposes, may be set a branch annual meeting by a proposal receiving a majority of the votes cast.
    d.    Paragraph 10 remains the same


Per Ref B, Part X – Amendments to branch by-laws, para 3, interim amendments, between branch annual meetings the branch executive may make, amend or repeal any section of the branch by-laws except for those relating to the number or terms of directors. Such by-law, amendment or repeal shall be effective from the date it is approved by the branch executive until the next branch annual meeting, where it may be confirmed, amended or rejected by a majority of the votes cast at the meeting

Branch By-Laws - 2021

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