Branch Messages

Message from the President

I attended a virtual meeting of the 23 Ontario branches the other day, to see how everyone is doing, and to plan for attendance at the national general meeting to be held the week of 30 November. Virtual, of course. We are all in the at-risk demographic, and should be the last to ignore the virus. But I am still struggling with Zoom meetings, with everyone in boxes on the screen like Hollywood Squares. With fewer jokes. I much prefer real people in one room.

The other branches are all pretty much hunkered down to wait this thing out. As a group we retirees are not doing badly, since we are not dependent on jobs for survival, and have mostly got our lives settled. The pensions that Federal Retirees protects for us mean that we can stay home and safe, and even order all the necessities of life delivered to our doors. For our branch in the Quinte - Trenton area thankfully few of us have wound up sick. The effects have mainly been to make it more difficult to meet with friends and family. This is not trivial. We are social animals, in our own varying degrees, and it is well-known that isolation can be devastating. So we have to balance caution with the need to mingle.

Although Federal Retirees is not a social club, I have always looked forward to the four meetings we hold each year, and with great regret have had to cancel our spring meeting and our barbeque. The chance to connect with members is priceless, and is beaten only by the need to keep us safe. We can thankfully trust the experts to allow social gatherings only when it is safe, and with rules that keep us healthy. I am rapidly making a collection of masks for all occasions, and will let you know when we are ready to start up again.

So be of good cheer – we are more fortunate than most, have life experiences to help us cope, and can look forward to opening our doors once again. See you soon.

Tom Kupecz