Volunteer Training Fund

Reserve Fund Policy – Volunteer Training Fund


The primary purpose of the Volunteer Training Fund shall be to fund the costs of training branch volunteers in carrying out their responsibilities related to their role as a volunteer with the branch. These volunteers may be board of director members or other branch members who may be assigned duties to support the branch.

The fund has been established at the April 13 2016 Annual General Meeting of the branch, through a transfer of $2000 from a discontinued reserve fund. Changes to the level of the fund shall be determined by the Ottawa Valley Board on an annual basis.

Fund Uses

Occasionally, there is a need to provide training to branch volunteers in order that they may fulfill their role properly. This training requirement may not always be anticipated or fully funded by the national office, and may not be included in the annual budget of the branch. In these cases, the costs of training, supplies, equipment, travel or other unforeseen training costs may be funded through this reserve. The requirement to make use of these funds will be at the discretion of the board of directors of the branch.

Established by vote at the Branch AGM April 13 2016

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