Special Events Fund

Reserve Fund Policy – Special Events Fund


The primary purpose of the Special Events Fund shall be to fund the costs of one-time  events that may not have been predicted by the branch, or that are outside the normal scope of annual branch costs. Without these reserve funds, the branch may not be able to sponsor an event that otherwise would have been desirable for the membership.

The fund has been established at the April 19 2017 Annual General Meeting of the branch, through a transfer of $3000 from general revenue. Changes to the level of the fund shall be determined by the Ottawa Valley Board on an annual basis.

Fund Uses

As the purpose of a future one-time special event is unpredictable, this fund is not to be limited to any particular type of activity. It must be a non-recurring event that the board of directors of the branch feel would be beneficial to the membership of the branch or be relevant to the purpose of The Association. Examples of such events are costs related to a branch anniversary, or costs of sponsoring a branch advocacy effort that would otherwise have to be funded by individual members.

Established by vote at the Branch AGM April 19 2017

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