Branch Executive and Volunteers

Without the help of members that are dedicated to helping their fellow members, Branches could not continue to exist.  Members would no longer have access to local assistance, nor the meetings which provide guest speakers on topics of specific interest to them and the social interactions with past co-workers and new friends enjoying the friendships and good food.

To contact any of your Executives and Volunteers, refer to the 'Contact Us' webpage for the mailing address, email or phone number.

Your current slate of Executives and Volunteers are:

Position Holder Status* Term Ends
President Maribeth Jones Elected 2020
1st Vice President Bruce Challis Acting 2018
Secretary Natalie Gould Elected 2019
Membership Secretary Joane Adams Elected 2018
Treasurer George Logan Elected 2019
Social Director Vacant   2020
Projects Director Bruce Challis Elected  2018
Advocacy Gerry Filek Acting 2020
Health & Benefits Officer ---Vacant (requires Police check)---    
Phone Committee ** Kay Simons / Cathy Lang Elected / Elected 2018/2020
Obituary Monitor Allister Cameron Elected 2019
Marketing & Recruitment ---Vacant---   2018
Military Liaison Jim Lystar   2020
Visitation ---Vacant (requires Police check)---   2019

* Acting indicates the position was vacant after the election and backfilled by volunteers.

** There are also many other volunteers who call Branch members regarding upcoming meetings etc.

More volunteers make even lighter work - to volunteer just contact the Branch!