Board of Directors


Board of Directors 2018/2019

President Barbara Fagg
Vice President John Singleton
Treasurer Mearle Doucet
Secretary Lynda Russell
Telephone Director Jacki McCabe
Communications Director Vacant
Director Legion Liaison Jean Paul Dupuis
Branch Advocacy liaison Jamshed Merchant
Ex Officio Member William Smith 


PO Box 1172, Kingston ON  K7L 4Y8

Telephone: 1-866-729-3762 

Last Updated: ‎2019-04-18








The President shall call and chair Branch board meetings and Branch General Meetings. The President shall serve as the chief spokesperson and representative of the Branch. The President shall have such other duties and powers as the Branch board may specify.


The Vice President understudies and assists the President and shall assume the duties of President in the event of the President’s absence, disability or refusal to act.  The Vice President shall have such other duties and powers as the Branch Board may specify.


The Treasurer shall keep the financial accounts of the Branch and shall exercise primary signing authority for expenditures. 

At each Branch meeting, the Treasurer shall submit a report on the Branch finances.

At each Branch Annual Meeting, the Treasurer shall submit: a) a report of the Branch finances for the previous fiscal year; and, b) a budget forecast for the next fiscal period.



The Secretary attends Board meetings, records the proceedings by accurately capturing the essence of what was discussed and prepares minutes to be forwarded to all Board Members in a timely fashion.


The Health Benefits Officer is to be knowledgeable of, and provide and respond to members' queries in relation to, the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) and the Public Service Dental Plan (PSDP) including eligibility and coverage. The HBO must keep current of policies and regulations and must maintain a record of Branch member inquiries and responses.


The Activities Director plans the yearly social events offered by the Branch to its members. Tasks include liaising with the various venues to coordinate timings, menus and costs. As some “special” events may involve out of town travel, the Activities Director will also, as required, coordinate the transportation arrangements concerning that specific event.  This information is passed to the Communications Director and Telephone Director for onward dissemination to the Branch membership. Tasks also include monitoring the activity email address to compile a list of “confirmed” attendees and the “on site” registering of those attendees.  Given the scope of work in this function, there are two Directors involved in the planning and preparation of Branch social events. Other Board members may assist the Activities Director(s) as and when required.


Enables the Board of Directors to communicate with the Branch membership by creating and posting authorized information on the Branch page of the National website and by developing the content for mass emails for approval by the Board and to coordinate the distribution of these emails by National office. Collects and submits Branch information for publication in SAGE magazine as per the established guidelines and deadlines. Participates in recruiting efforts as may be requested by the Board.


Conducts ongoing liaison with the area’s Legion Branches, Army, Navy, Air force clubs and other related military service clubs, as required. Provides these clubs with the appropriate wreaths/ribbons for presentation at Remembrance Day observances and, working with the various Legions and clubs, identifies those individuals who will lay NAFR wreaths at the various local cenotaphs. Performs other duties as may be requested by the Board.


Co-ordinates volunteer telephone callers in support of Branch activities and events. Provides Board approved information for use by the telephone volunteers as they keep Branch members advised of upcoming events, including registration information, costs and associated deadlines. Performs other duties as may be requested by the Board.