Diana Wright

Meet Diana Wright

In 1974, Diana joined the federal civil service. Most of her years of service were with Canada Employment, later Canada Manpower and lastly Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC). Diana always strived to make the workplace a happy and enjoyable place for all employees. She always had a joke to start the day right.

Five years prior to her retirement, she decided to go to clown school. From that point on, she made sure to brighten the day of other employees in her department. It was not unusual for Diana to come to work in a yellow skirt, orange blouse, and red shoes. From the time I met Diana when I joined Federal Retirees I always called her the original flower child.

Diana retired in 2004. She joined Federal Retirees and immediately became involved. She became the treasurer and remained in that position until 2016. She remained on the board as a member at large. Diana often helped with other events for members and was instrumental in obtaining some of the entertainment for our meetings.

Her most important job was to talk me down when, as president, I would get frustrated or annoyed. A job she did quite well.

Diana not only served the association, but was also a volunteer at the North Lambton Seniors Home in Forest. She set up a weekly club for the residents to get together and tell a joke or two.

When Diana retired as treasurer she became very involved in the art world and to this day it has become an important part of her daily life.

Diana retired from the board at our AGM in April this year. We thank her sincerely for her service through all these years and wish her well in her future endeavours.


Gloria Cayea,

On behalf of the Bluewater Branch


April 18, 2018

Diana Wright, Earnie MacDougall, Georgina MacIsaac.

Left to Right: Diana Wright, Earnie MacDougall, Georgina MacIsaac

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April 20, 2016

Diana Wright.