2023 Branch AGM Minutes

National Association of Federal Retirees
Hamilton & Area Branch ON37
2023 Annual members meeting and luncheon
Tuesday, April 18, 2023
The Marquis Gardens, Hamilton


  1. Branch President Mike Walters welcomed everyone to the 2023 Annual General Meeting. There were 94 members and three guests which included Ted Young, Bruce Challis and Anthony Pizzino, CEO of Federal Retirees. There were three new members in attendance.
  2. Mike introduced the executive, guests and new members.
  3. Mike asked for a moment of reflection for those who passed away in the past year.
  4. Lunch was served at 12:15.
  5. Mike advised of the Branch announcements and events for 2023:
  • Cancellation of branch golf day and Summer lunch
  • Next lunch is Tuesday, Sept. 19 with Preferred Partners attending
  • the Open House
  • Tuesday, November 28 is the Christmas Luncheon
  • Oct. 1 International Day of Older Persons addressing seniors issues.
  • (Tentative)
  • Nov,11 Remembrance Day Services in Mount Hope and Burlington will
  • be attended by the executive members and to lay wreaths.
  1. Mike introduced Mr. Anthony Pizzino, CEO of Federal Retirees as our guest speaker. He spoke about the importance of advocacy for seniors – especially against ageism; the need for recruitment of new members; and the change of our health benefits from Sun Life to Canada Life. He advised everyone that they will have to complete positive enrolment must be completed and consent must be provided to have claims processed by Canada Life. This can be done digitally or a paper copy can be requested. This has to be completed by May 10, 20203.
  2. Mike thanked the Marquis Gardens’ staff for the lunch.
  3. Branch financial report, 2023 projections and reserve fund template was provided by Cathy Tarves, branch treasurer. Reserve template showing total reserve for 2023 was presented with a total reserve of $9,500. (See attached) The motion to accept the reserve as presented by Mark Leonard and 2nd by Gloria Reid.  Motion carried 
  4. 2023 Membership report provided by Gloria Reid. There are presently 1407 members.
  • Moved to accept - Shirley Kassowski
  • Seconded - Liz Mantle
  • Motion carried
  1. Branch Volunteer Recognition Award presentation has been deferred to the Nov. 28, 2023 luncheon.
  2. 2023 branch election of executive and board directors was conducted by director Ted Young. There was a call for nominations and expressions of interest from the floor.

Elected executive board members for a two-year term:

  • President – no prior expressions of interest
  • Vice president – John Wiggins
  • Membership director – Gloria Reid
  • Treasurer – Cathy Tarves
  • Secretary – Rose Norman

Elected board directors for appointment of a one-year term:

  • IT director and branch website – Mark Leonard
  • Events coordinator – Cathy Tarves
  • Recruitment and retention director – Penny Wirth
  • Advocacy directors – John Wiggins and Barbara Lewis
  • Outreach and marketing director – Dave Miller
  • Veterans outreach and marketing director – Ray Paquette
  • Volunteer recognition director – Gloria Reid
  • Photographer – Rose Norman
  • Director at large – Rennie Mohamed
  • Past president – Mike Walters
  • Director emeritus – Mel Matthias

The branch president’s position was not filled. The by-laws allow for an interim president to be in the position for up to one year.


It was decided at a meeting of the new board following the closing of the AGM, that Mike Walters will join the board as past president. Our next board meeting is scheduled for May 30. Director Penny Wirth recommended an all-day meeting to review the current roles of our volunteers and compare them to the roles listed in the Volunteer Information Portal and the Branch Bi-Laws.

Our roles can then be redefined to fit our current operational plan and our core service delivery.

  • The president’s role will be stripped of any additional duties.
  • Backup to each of the other roles will be established.
  • The redefined roles will be added to our branch website for members to review as they consider a volunteer role at the branch.
  • As no president was elected, it is the intent of the new board to appoint an interim president for one year to facilitate the transfer from our former president and to complete the transition into the redefined roles. Cathy Tarves, treasurer, volunteered to attend the AMM in Gatineau in June as branch delegate. Mike Walters will prepare a proxy form to be sent to CEO Anthony Pizzino, as outlined in the AMM instructions. John Wiggins as newly elected vice president will attend as our branch observer. The interim president will be announced following the May 30 board meeting.
  1. Swearing in of the branch executive and board was conducted by Director Ted Young. He read the oath of office with each of the executive members swearing to uphold the oath of office.
  2. Call for motion to close the 2023 branch AGM: Moved to accept - Penny Wirth Seconded - Brenda Alcock/Crayford