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Vaccine rollout COVID-19

 COVID-19 Immunization Plan - Province of British Columbia

  • All persons age 12 and older may call now to book a vaccination appointment.
  • Call Interior Health Authority at 1-877-740-7747 between 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., PDT, seven days a week.

You may call in any time after you become eligible. Family members or those who provide trusted support can call in to register eligible seniors for a vaccine appointment.

The call centre will ask for:

  • legal name
  • date of birth
  • postal code
  • personal health number (PHN) from the back of B.C. driver's licences or BC services cards, and
  • current contact information, including an email address you or your family checks regularly or a phone number that can receive text messages.

Call centres will never ask people for financial information, including credit card or banking details, SIN, etc. 

Note that phase one, two and three of the plan are complete and we are currently in Phase 4.

Phase 4 – Current phase

Timeline: May to June 2021

  • People aged 59 to 18, in five year increments:
    • 59 to 55 (Dose 1 May)
    • 54 to 50 (Dose 1 May)
    • 49 to 45 (Dose 1 May)
    • 44 to 40 (Dose 1 May/June)
    • 39 to 35 (Dose 1 May/June)
    • 34 to 30 (Dose 1 June)
    • 29 to 25 (Dose 1 June)
    • 24 to 18 (Dose 1 June)
  • When you get vaccinated, you will have the option to receive a paper and digital copy of your immunization record card.