Take Action on Bill C-27


Take Action on Bill C-27

Bill C-27, if passed, will allow employers to change employees pension plans– even if the company isn’t in financial trouble. This legislation isn’t just unfair, it’s dangerous – if we allow employers to retroactively change pension deals, what’s next?

Since this legislation was introduced last fall, we have sent thousands of letters and set up dozens of meeting with MPs, demanding that they defeat this bill and honour their promise to pensioners. For over a year, Bill C-27 has been stuck in the mud.

It’s time to redouble our efforts and push the government to ditch this legislation.

Follow our 5-step Action Plan to make sure your voice is heard, and that our campaign to defeat Bill C-27 builds momentum and support in your community.

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Step 2 – Spread the word

Step 3 – Build momentum

Step 4 – Get louder

Step 5 – Deliver results