Step 1 – Make sure your voice is heard

The first step to defeating Bill C-27 is contacting your Member of Parliament.


Members of Parliament should represent the interests of constituents in their riding – and that means listening to what they have to say. As one of their constituents, you should let them know exactly how you feel about Bill C-27 and retirement security, and urge them to defeat this legislation. Don’t underestimate the power of an email – think of it like a performance review. At the next election, you will have to decide whether you want to endorse your MP’s work with your vote, or oppose it. Your email lets your Member of Parliament know where you stand on the issue, and what you expect them to do about it.


Use the form below to contact your Member of Parliament. We have already put together a message for you, but feel free to write your own.



When expressing your opinion on C-27 don’t forget these key points, and the action you are asking them to take:

  • Pensions are deferred compensation, and employees have already provided their services in exchange for them. Not honouring pensions is wrong and unfair; a deal is a deal.
  • What is happening to Sears employee pensions right now is shameful – but, unfortunately, not uncommon. Big banks and high-paid executives are first in line when a company goes under, not employees and pensioners.
  • Bill C-27, if passed, will allow employers to change employee pension plans too – even if the company isn’t in financial trouble. This legislation isn’t just unfair, it’s dangerous – if we allow employers to retroactively change pension deals, what’s next?
  • The Finance Minister introduced Bill C-27 and has received paycheques from an organization that has lobbied for this legislation and stands to profit from it. While he has technically been cleared of conflict of interest allegations, who is really going to benefit from this legislation?
  • If this government stands for the middle-class, as it claims, it will dismiss Bill C-27 immediately and fix the flaws in our pension system that allow companies to take advantage of their employees and retirees.


Ready to take the first step?