Step 5 – Deliver results

Thank you for taking bold action to defeat Bill C-27, and for getting loud!

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As you have moved through each step of this campaign, you have helped build support and strengthen our movement. Thank you for all your hard work!

Step 5 is one of the most important of any campaign – reporting on your results and reviewing your tactics. Not only does this help the Association track and better understand the size and scope of this campaign, but it helps all of us improve our tools and strategies for the next important campaign.

Using the reporting forms provided by the Advocacy team, tally up your results and critically review your actions at each step. We are looking for information on the following items:


  • How many times did you post about the campaign on social media? On average, how many likes/shares did your posts receive?
  • How many petition signatures did you gather? How did you gather signatures, and which tactic was most successful?
  • Did you meet with your MP? What sort of commitments did they make?
  • Was your letter-to-the-editor published?


Complete the form below to receive the tools you need to complete Step 5.

Be sure to check out our Progress Tracker to see how your hard work has contributed to our nationwide campaign.

Again, thank you for your hard work. Together, we can make a difference!