Style at all Age - May 9 - philéBel

Speakers:  Christine Philippe, Jacinthe Bélanger

Presentation:  Style at all Age

Electrics Vehicles (101) - April 24

Speakers:  Sylvain Michaud et Réjean Pleau

Download:  Electrics Vehicles

Presentation (French only) : Electrics Vehicles

Sleep apnea - causes, helath hazards and solutions - March 26 - COTE SANTE

Speaker: Vanessa Laferrière, respiratory therapist specializing

Download: Sleep Apnea

Presentation:  Sleep Apnea

Hearing well changes everything! (French only) - March 19 - GROUPE FORGET

Speaker:  Etienne Laroche, Audiologist

Download: Hearing well changes everyting

Presentation (French only):  Hearing well changes everything

Behind the Wheel of my Health - Road Safety Knows No age -February 29 - SAAQ

Speaker:  Marouan Bel Faki, Community Relations Advisor

Download: Road Safaty

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Self-Declaration at age 75 only




Managing the emotions of the caregiver - February 13

Speaker:  Manon Laferriere, TRAMD, Therapist for relationship Assistance

Download: https://youtu.be/KnM8FaHuNqs

Conference - Groupe Dignité (French only) - January 24

Speaker:  Liette Lapointe, funeral industry professionals


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