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Elliot Keizer

Fredericton & District Branch NB62 

Your board of directors wishes to advise you of the cancellation of our spring events due to the uncertainty related to the coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, our annual general meeting and dinner (scheduled for May 5) and our information session (scheduled for June 2) are both cancelled and will be rescheduled to a date later in the fall. You will be advised once new dates have been selected, we hope you are all remaining healthy.

Thank you for your understanding.

Elliott Keizer, President


Branch Membership Appeal

As chair of the branch membership growth committee, I appeal to you to help attract new members to the National Association of Federal Retirees  We need your help! As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, new memberships to Federal Retirees have slowed down since March 2020 both at the national and branch level. At the Fredericton & District Branch (NB62), active membership numbers have dropped to 1875 in September from 1930 at the end of last year. COVID-19 has got most of us thinking about how to stay healthy and has put a stop to most meetings and social events. Over the past few years, we volunteers in the branch and on the membership growth committee have made progress at getting the message out as to the helpful information that Federal Retirees are providing to its members and the public concerning the protection of pensions and health plans, advocating for seniors, along with all the other benefits of belonging to our Association.

I ask you to consider what friends and acquaintances are eligible for membership and would benefit by becoming a Federal Retirees member? Membership is open to members and retired members of the Public Service, Canadian Armed Forces, and RCMP. Membership fees remain low at less than $6 per month or under $70 per year for couples and less than that for a single membership. If you need a handy one-page handout called “Why Should You Join Federal Retirees?” please email: or call (506) 451-2111. What is in it for me, you might ask? You could be eligible to win a prize under the Mega Recruitment Drive (MRD) which is now ongoing until Dec. 31, 2020 and you can help keep the membership fees at a reasonable level for future years. Do not forget the good feeling of knowing that you have helped someone to become a member who will become better informed about senior issues. If each of us brought in one new member, we could keep Federal Retirees growing and doing more for us and our senior community.

Explore the Federal Retirees website to learn more including how to become a member.

Evans Estabrooks, chairperson,

Branch Membership Growth Committee


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AGM Details

We want to let everyone know that due to some unforeseen circumstances the AGM has been postponed, as soon as we have a confirmed date we will post it here as well as how you will be able to participate, thank you for your understanding and should you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details listed at the bottom of the page, thank you and we hope we will see you in the very near future.

Fredericton & District Branch (NB62)

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