Branch Board of Directors

We are proud of our volunteers who joined our branch to provide valuable skills and talents to assist our organization and its members. The volunteers answer to responsibilities that are specific to their interest, knowledge and expertise. We thank them for their precious time and efforts.

Office Name Term end
President Ceci O'Flaherty April 2021
Vice-President Lionel Guérard April 2021
Treasurer  Pam Proctor April 2021
Secretary Donna Dobson April 2021
Director-at-Large Naomi Ashton April 2019
Director-at-Large Barb Higham April 2021
Director-at-Large Connie Kehler April 2022
Director-at-Large Nicky Compton April 2020
Director-at-Large Tom Higham April 2021
Director-at-Large Vacant


Director-at-Large &
Treasurer Mentee
Director-at-Large Paula Nygaard April 2021
National Positions    
Branch Services Coordinator Paula Nygaard ----
Prov Advocacy Programs Officer Gerry Jennings ----
Prairie District Director Cynthia Foreman ----
Prairie District Director Rick Brick ----


Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers are always welcomed; we would appreciate your time, talents, and skills to support the Winnipeg & District Branch with various events and activities. This is also an interesting opportunity to be later introduced to our Board membership. 

If you would like to learn more about the specific volunteer positions, please contact us.