Branch Meetings

Board of Directors Meeting:

Prior to each of the general meetings, a board of directors (BOD) meeting is held in Winnipeg and is attended by all members of the board. For a list of all the board members, please click here.

General Meeting:

The Winnipeg & District Branch schedules one (1) Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April and two (2) general meetings (GM) in September and in November, during a calendar year.

Members must pre-register prior to each meeting by email or by telephone (contact us). Lunch is served at no cost to members. Starting at 12:00 pm, all members will serve themselves at the buffet type meal. Once all members are seated and eating, our president will start the General Meeting. Once the meeting has ended, a special guest is often invited to address the members and to respond to the questions and answers (Q/A) period. 

NOTE: If you have pre-registered and that you are unable to attend, please contact the branch to cancel your reservation as we often have a waiting list for other members to attend the meeting. We inform the caterer of how many people are registered and we are charged for that number of meals regardless of how many show up. This is your branch and your members' money that pays, so please help us keep our costs to a minimum.

Minutes of Meetings

We would like to provide you with the minutes of meetings from the general meetings held during the past and current years. To view the PDF formatted minutes of meeting for a given general meeting, click on the month from the appropriate calendar year.

            2015:   April    September     November     

            2016:   April    September     November 

            2017:   April    September     November  

            2018:   April    September     November  

If you would like to have access to Minutes of Meeting previous to 2015, please contact us.

Location & Map

Please refer to this document to obtain much information about the location where the general meetings are held in Winnipeg.