Branch Activities and Events

Members Survey

Our branch presented a survey in 2015 where members were asked to list and describe the types of events and/or activities they wished us to arrange throughout the year. A similar opportunity to complete suggestion requests for future events was presented to our members during the spring and fall general meetings of 2018. The number and variety of responses received, including positive feedback on our choices in speakers, enables us to proceed to plan a series of stand-alone activities and events. In addition, we have assembled a list of potential guest speakers to attend our general meetings and outreach sessions.

We will continue to seek input from our members for ideas for future happenings. Please contact us to share with us your proposed topics and/or speakers for general meetings, stand-alone meetings, and outreach meetings.

In order for these events to become reality, it takes the efforts of our volunteers. We are always looking for new volunteers to help and we welcome those who wish to be involved. If there is a particular activity that appeals to you or one that you can share with your expertise, please contact us.

Future 2019 Events & Activities

2019 Spring Info Session: Presentations

The spring 2019 event is being planned to invite two speakers. The events & activities committee is very excited to finally honour a long standing request for an informative session on medical assistance in dying -- Dr. Kim will cover legislation, law, and process. The second session of information will be on one subject of interest to many of our members: downsizing your house and up-sizing your life. The date and times for this full day event will be provided later at the Manitoba Eastern Star Chalet. All Federal Retirees Winnipeg & District members will be welcomed to attend.

Completed Events and Activities

The survey completed by our members has helped us identify the activities and events to respond to our members' interests. Our Federal Retirees branch board also participates in many community events to reach existing members and to insight new members. The following events and/or activities were successfully attended and delivered to our members in the recent years:


2019 May:  May Speakers Group presentation on medical assistance in dying (MAID) by the Provincial MAID Clinical Team.  For more information see the presentation slides (PowerPoint file).


2018 October: Successfully, our activities and events committee invited three speakers to the Fall Speakers Session. The full day event was held on Tuesday 23 October 2018 at the Manitoba Eastern Star Chalet. An interesting day was planned and included in the morning, a podiatrist who spoke on seniors foot concerns, followed by a presenter from the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety, and the afternoon session was guided by one of the Association's preferred partners, Hearing Life Canada. A lunch was offered to the participants and many of our branch members attended this event. For more details, please see the poster

2018 October: For the first time, the annual outreach meeting was cancelled this year. The meeting was planned to be located in Steinbach.

2018 September: Our branch participated once again to the annual "Community Fall Fair" to make contact with veterans and current military personnel. This is a great opportunity for our branch to make known our organisation' services and benefits to members and future members. We thank our volunteers who manned the booth and distributed information to the veterans and military personnel.

2018 August: As every year, our golf tournament was a very successful event with many of our Federal Retirees Winnipeg & District members present; an amazing turnout of 102 golfers. Hours of friendship and fun were found during this event. We appreciated organizations who provided all donated prizes that were distributed to participants during the BBQ and steak meal. Many thanks to our golf committee and its numerous volunteers who are instrumental to make this a fabulous day to remember. (Click here to see the poster.) (Click here to see the annual report.)

2018 May & June: This year, the activities and events committee has decided to repeat the same "Lunch & Learn Information Session" twice in the spring of 2018. This permitted to many more Federal retirees members to attend the session titled "All Things Financial". Both sessions were well attended and the subject treated was appreciated by all members. The sessions took place at the Manitoba Eastern Star Chalet. See the attached document to see the sessions offered.

2018 May: Our branch is actively seeking new members and distributing information about our organisation to the annual "55+ Living Show" event. More and more visitors are seeking our booth for new membership and looking for support in their retirement from the federal government. Many of our members have volunteered to man our booth and we thank them for their time and advice.


2017 September: Two ex-military staff from our board have manned a booth at the "Community Fall Fair" presented at 17 Wing, CFB Winnipeg to provide information to the military population and to insight them to join our Federal Retirees branch for its multiple benefits.

2017 August: Our branch celebrated its 50th anniversary. Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary. All this justified some very special celebration organised by our activities and events committee. For this occasion, a fabulous'voyage' through time was lived on "The Prairie Dog Central Railway" train. We invite you to view the multiple photos taken (click here).

2017 May: Many of our branch members and volunteers helped to man a booth at the 50+ Living Show. Many visitors obtained information and answered to their questions about our organisation and to become members of our Federal Retirees Branch.


2016 November: On November 2, a visit to the Neighbourhoods of River Ridge II Retirement Residence was scheduled and many members have received much information about their services.

2016 OctoberOn Wednesday October 26, a visit to the Shaftesbury Park Retirement Residence was successfully attended and many members have enjoyed their hospitality.

2016 September: Two members of our board have manned a booth at the "Community Fall Fair" presented at 17 Wing, CFB Winnipeg to provide information to the military population.

2016 September: Stand-alone presentation on the afternoon of September 28, Mr Rick Stephanchew discussed fire safety prevention during the annual Fire Safety Week scheduled this year between October 9 and 15. Details, photograph, and handout are provided in this attachment.

2016 September:   Stand-alone presentation on the morning of September 28, Mr John Foster discussed about the Canadian Snowbird Association that he is a representative of. More specific topics were covered such as documents at-hands when passing the US border and the maximum permitted time spent outside Canada. Details, photograph, and membership information are provided in this attachment.

2016 September: On Tuesday September 20 at the ANAVets (3584 Portage Avenue), Gerry Jennings made a very successful presentation about senior safety & financial abuse following our general meeting number two. Details, photograph, and hand-outs are provided in this attachment.

2016 August: This branch organizes an annual regional Fun Golf Tournament each summer in August and the number of participants has often exceeded our expectations. This is one of our very successful activities and is an excellent opportunity to renew friendship and to make new friends. Refer to this attachment for more details and photos about this successful event held on August 9, 2016 a the Scotswood Links Golf Course located in Elm Creek where 97 golfers participated.

2016 JuneOn Thursday June 23 & June 30, visits to a senior housing organization, were scheduled by this branch and many of our members have attended this activity.

2016 May: Members and volunteers of our branch manned a booth at the 2016's 50+ Living Show. They distributed information and answered many questions to attendants interested to become members of our Federal Retirees Branch.

2016 May: Stand-alone presentation on 17 May 2016 on the subject of alzheimer/dementia was delivered by Jennifer Licardo from the Alzheimer’s Manitoba organization. This was followed by a local theater company who presented a 15-minute play entitled Is it Wednesday? linked to the previous topic and very thought provoking.


2015 November: During the general meeting number three of Thursday 19 November 2015, the E.R.I.K. (Emergency Response Information Kit) was presented to the attendants. The speakers were Adele Spence and Corey St. James from the Assiniboine Seniors Resource Council.

2015 November: Stand-alone presentation on driver safety was presented by the CAA Manitoba on Tuesday, November 17, 2015.

2015 November: Stand-alone presentation on wellness and yoga was offered by Roslyn Sutherland, yoga & meditation instructor/wellness coach from the “Wellness & You”.