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Presentation from Legion's Veteran's Village

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Zoom recordings of previous presentations are listed below. Some are with audio others are basic slide show presentations. 

Here are our current recorded sessions:

1. Frauds and scams

The presentation concerns frauds and scams. You will learn the ways in which fraudsters take-in people in order to rob them of their money and possessions.

Seniors are frequent victims and need to be aware of how to protect themselves.

Here are a couple of Handouts that may be useful in helping you navigate potential scams:

Fraud Scams 2019

General Fraud Scams


2. Enhanced Road Assessment—Keys to Acing that Driving Test

At age 80, BC Drivers are required to have their doctor complete a Driver's Medical Examination, and depending on the result, Road Safety BC may require the driver to take an Enhanced Road Assessment a.k.a a driving test.  In the presentation below, Joanne Bergman, a road safety coordinator with ICBC, provides an overview of what driving is like on our roads today, the Enhanced Road Assessment, tips for mature drivers and refresher of rules of the road and staying mobile.

ICBC’s road safety team works closely with local police, municipalities, stakeholders and volunteers to help make community roads safer for everyone. They develop programs that address driver behaviours, improve road design and promote vehicle safety and security.

Click this link to learn more about the Assessment and get some tips from Driver Examiners.

3. Downsizing and Decluttering

Please note:  This YouTube video does not have audio. 

Thinking about downsizing or decluttering??

So many people get to a point in life where all of a sudden they realize that the home they are in is cluttered or they think about downsizing into a smaller home but they have so many “priceless” objects and memories that they have collected over the years, that it is overwhelming…  

How about you?  Are you thinking it is time to make some changes, but you don’t know where to start?

Click here to view "Top 10 Tips on Downsizing" a YouTube video of a slide presentation provided by Niki Rapanos of DKR Downsizing Solutions  

4. Coping with COVID-19, Mental Health and Bounce Back

This presentation is viewable as either  a video via Google Drive or as a Google Slides presentation.

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Google Slides:

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Coping with Covid 19, Mental Health and Bounce Back

Presented by Carmela Smythe, BCMHA