Red Deer Presidents Report

President's Report 7 December 2020

Along with Christmas cheer and presents, your COLA increase will be 1% this coming year. Seeing you can’t go out and party, I guess the government felt that type of raise was ok.

On Dec. 2, 2020, the national annual members meeting (AMM) was held. It was an electronic meeting held on Zoom platform. We will be using Zoom to hold our own AMM sometime in the spring of 2021. All branch presidents across Canada were present and participated. The national by-laws were amended which in turn will change our own by-laws to agree with the national standards. The two by-laws amended are as follows:

  1. The date of an AMM is to happen no later than 6 months after the end of the fiscal year; and 
  2. Meetings can be held in person or by other electronic means. Members using electronics are counted as attending the meeting.

We also passed the auditor’s report and the financial reports of the Association.

We also voted on the nominations in the national elections for the five districts and the successful candidates are as follows:

For B.C and Yukon - Brian Strongman was elected.

For Prairies/NWT - Connie Kehler was elected.

For Ottawa/Nunavut - Daniel Burnet was elected.

For Quebec - Jacques Lambert was elected.

For Atlantic - Megan Williams was elected.

I found attending the meeting via Zoom to be very relaxing as I was in my own home participating via my own computer. This was a bit of a surprise as this is a new medium for me and I’m very new to this technology. It was easy to see the national president and hear clearly all those who spoke. We did not experience any technical difficulties and this gives me a hopeful confidence that Zoom will also be a successful tool for our own AMM meeting. I hope that everyone who plans to participate in our meetings will find Zoom as convenient and relaxing as I did.

We are looking for anyone who would like to sit on the board as a member of the executive. We have several openings that need to be filled. Please consider helping and put your name forward. Training is available for most positions.

Please look after yourselves and have a safe year. We are all the category that the pandemic is looking for. Avoid it.

Have a good year.

Riley Workman