Southern Alberta

Welcome to the Southern Alberta Branch of the National Association of Federal Retirees. 

For those new to our organization, we currently have nine members on the board of directors who meet once a month (excluding July and August) to discuss administrative/advocacy issues and to plan initiatives designed to focus on protecting and enhancing the wants and needs of our members. These meetings are currently being conducted via Zoom due to the virus. Our branch has an office in the Nord-Bridge Senior Centre, located at 1904 - 13 Ave N, which is staffed Tuesdays and Wednesdays between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. by board members who would be happy to respond to any questions or queries you might have and provide assistance. We can also be contacted by email at by telephone at 403-328-0801. (NOTE: Due to the current covid situation the office will be closed to walk in traffic until further notice). We will let you know when the office opens up for members.  

To receive a fuller understanding of the mandate, role and responsibilities of our Association, you are encouraged to visit our national web site either through google or at the Federal Retirees on Facebook. Be sure you Like the Facebook page to get regular updates on issues that would be of concern and interest to our members and seniors writ large 

Over the past year, our branch has been very active on the political front. In addition to meeting with all federal candidates in the Lethbridge riding, we also visited with MP's in the region and held a very well attended meet and greet at the Nord-Bridge Centre. The meetings were designed to educate candidates on the roles and responsibilities of our organization, to highlight our advocacy concerns (protection of our pensions/benefits, universal pharmacare and protection of health and veterans care) and ascertain their party's stance on these issues. Now that the election is over we will continue to advocate for senior's issues and assess the progress of key federal seniors initiatives. In addition, in the coming months, we will be spending time working with our provincial and national advocacy team to assess the impact that proposed provincial initiatives could have on the delivery of health care, pharmacare and pensions (CPP) to our Alberta members. We will be keeping our finger on the provincial pulse and, if deemed necessary, will be working on the development of a collaborative advocacy plan in the months ahead.

As a result of the hard work put forth by the advocacy team, we were informed in May that our branch is the recipient of the 2020 National Advocacy Award for our work on the federal elections Initiative and our early COVID-19 response programs. We are so very proud of the work of this team and rest assured that they are not resting on their laurels as they continue to be busy working with provincial and national directors and staff to advance the aforementioned initiatives.   

As you know, as a result of COVID-19, the board took the decision to cancel our AGM scheduled to be held in April. As the virus has persisted the earliest we will likely be able to hold an in person AGM will likely be in the spring of 2021, and that, only if the current situation changes. Please watch this space for updates. You will be informed by email and/or a telephone call once we know something definitive.   

Finally, I would like to extend an invitation to anyone who might like to become a more active member of the branch to give us a call and let us know what you might like to do. Involvement can range from wanting to hold an executive position on the board of directors to volunteering to call other members to remind them of events.  That is to say that volunteering with the branch does not compel you to commit to attending monthly meetings or getting involved in everyday decision making (unless, of course, that is your thing). Rather, you can indicate an interest in helping from time to time and on issues that may be dear to your heart. If you wish to join us (either as a board member or a casual volunteer) please contact us at our office. We would be happy to discuss options and provide details. 

I hope everyone stays safe. In the end, we are all in this together and with a concerted effort we can all do our part to help flatten the viral curve and minimize the impact of this pandemic on our community. Take care.  

Thanking you for visiting our site and hoping to see or hear from you. 



Richard Chevrier OMM CD PhD 

Southern Alberta Branch (AB18)

2-1904 13 Ave N
Lethbridge, AB
T1H 4W9

(403) 328-9923

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