Your new executive for 2019 - 2020 is as follows:

President Riley Workman 403-343-6273 workmanr3@gmail.com
Vice president Barbara McCaffrey 403-986-6172 barbiemc@shaw.ca
Secretary LaReata Workman 403-343-6273 workmanr3@gmail.com
Treasurer Darlene Neis  403-887-4921 lneis4@telus.net
Membership Marlynn Leatherdale 403-556-3581 leatherdalema@gmail.com
Recruitment Barbara McCaffrey 403-986-6172 barbiemc@shaw.ca
Phone committee Dru Christensen  403-342-0937 druchristensen@hotmail.com
Social committee Sandy Gray 587-876-0532 mrwgray@gmail.com
Social committee Lauranne Hemmingway 403-227-4761 niobe1@shaw.ca
Reporting editor Al Low 403-341-3253 amlow@shaw.ca
Health and benefits Larry Neis   lneis2@telus.net

We are always open for new volunteers in our executive.  If you wish to become involved in any way please contact any of the executive members above and they will forward your information on at the next executive meeting.