Tax Time Tip: Eligible Medical Expenses

March 22, 2018


The information and request form in this article are accurate as of February 2019 and, if applicable, can be used for filing your Canadian income tax and benefit returns for 2018.


Did you know that you may be able to include your Public Service Health Care Plan premiums and your Pensioners Dental Services Plan premiums (listed in Box 135 of your T4A) as eligible medical expenses? And, if you are one of our more than 80,000 subscribers to Medoc® Travel Insurance*, a part of these premiums may also be eligible to be claimed as medical expenses on line 330 or line 331 of Schedule 1 of your Federal Tax return.

If you are a Medoc® subscriber, you can complete their Income Tax Letter Request Form to receive a statement within 5 to 10 business days for the medical portion of the premium paid for your travel insurance plan.

Due to the highly technical and personal nature of taxation, Federal Retirees cannot provide any individual tax related assistance or advice. Members should consult with their tax advisors for more certainty. You may not claim membership dues with Federal Retirees on line 212 of your federal income tax return as these are not considered by CRA to be annual Union, professional or like dues.


* Medoc® Travel Insurance is offered through Johnson Insurance (“Johnson”). Johnson is a tradename of Johnson Inc. (“Johnson”), a licensed insurance intermediary, and operates as Johnson Insurance Services in British Columbia. MEDOC® is a Registered Trademark of Johnson. MEDOC is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada (“RSA”) and administered by Johnson. Johnson and RSA share common ownership. Please note that Johnson Insurance is not able to provide tax advice or determine your eligibility.