Federal Retirees sets its sights on budget 2022

August 19, 2021
Learn more about Federal Retirees’ priorities for budget 2022.
Federal Retirees has issued seven recommendations for budget 2022 that would improve retirement security and health care for Canadians.

The National Association of Federal Retirees submitted a brief as part of the House of Commons Finance Committee’s study on the 2022 federal budget. The brief is focused on seven recommendations to help improve retirement security and health care for Canadians.

With an election called for Sept. 20, we do not know who will form the government or when the next budget will be tabled,” said Association president Jean-Guy Soulière. “But the priorities we’ve highlighted – previously and now – will ensure older Canadians, veterans and those who support them receive the assistance they need to stay healthy and safe as Canada continues to deal with COVID-19 while also encouraging Canada’s productivity and economic growth as it recovers from the pandemic.”


Recommendation 1: Reform older adult care by implementing a national seniors strategy, which includes national standards tied to funding for long-term care and home and community care, and investments to expand home and community care and addresses the social determinants of health.

Recommendation 2: Improve financial support and investments in tools and programs to assist informal caregivers.

Recommendation 3: Move forward with implementing a national pharmacare program so that all Canadians have access to the medications they need.

Recommendation 4: Invest in and be accountable for achieving equitable outcomes for military and veteran women.

Recommendation 5: Implement longer-term increases to the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) to target financially vulnerable seniors and increase Old Age Security (OAS) for all those who qualify.

Recommendation 6: Address gaps in direct funding programs for those whose income has been affected by COVID-19.

Recommendation 7: Protect pensions over the long-term by creating a strong policy environment that encourages innovation and makes defined benefit plans more readily available to Canadians