Veterans’ Week

Members of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry kneeling at the graves of comrades killed at Dieppe.

Taken on Sept. 1, 1944, this photograph shows members of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry kneeling at the graves of comrades killed at Dieppe. (Credit: Canada. Department of National Defence. Library and Archives Canada, PA-176696)

Every year, Nov. 5 to 11 is Veterans’ Week, an opportunity for Canadians to honour the extraordinary efforts and sacrifices of our veterans. Remembrance Day, Nov. 11, marks the final day of Veterans’ Week and recalls the end of hostilities during the First World War on that date in 1918. At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, Canadians gather wherever they are and observe a moment of silence to remember those who have fallen in the line of duty and to recognize their service to our country.

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid, a tragic military operation that took place on Aug. 19, 1942. Of the 4,963 Canadians who participated, only 2,210 returned to Great Britain, including 586 wounded. Commemorative ceremonies were held around the world to hear their stories and honour their sacrifices.

Our advocacy work

Our veterans served Canada — and were willing to risk their lives to do so. Now it’s Canada’s turn to support veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, to ensure they and their families have equitable outcomes and the well-being, care and benefits they deserve.

Veteran well-being is one of the Federal Retirees’ four key advocacy priorities. We asked, and will continue to ask, the government to ensure that veterans and their loved ones have the well-being, care and benefits they deserve. In particular, we are seeking:

  • Achieve equitable outcomes for serving military and veteran women
  • Ensure a seamless, supported, successful transition and release from service
  • Ensure ill and injured veterans and their informal caregivers are supported
  • Ensure timely and transparent assessments and reassessments for veterans
  • Rebuild institutional trust with veterans by improving outcomes and communications

For more information, visit our advocacy priorities page for veterans’ issues and refer to our work with the Women Veterans Research and Engagement Network (WREN).

Spread the word

We owe it to our veterans to speak about them, to share their stories, to honour their sacrifices and to keep their memories alive. Use your voice to raise awareness of veterans’ issues and remembrance, and to join the conversation on social media.

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to keep updated on our advocacy work and upcoming events. You can participate in this valuable dialogue online by using our posts and graphics to spread the word within your networks, sharing your story and speaking to the importance of remembrance.

Federal Retirees Veterans' Week 2022 graphic


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Sample posts

Remembrance is our duty as Canadians during Veterans’ Week, Nov. 5 to 11, and all year. We remember your service and sacrifice.

To our veterans and their families, thank you for answering the call to serve, and for making Canada and the world a better place to live.

Online activities and resources

Veterans Affairs Canada

Visit the VAC calendar of upcoming events to learn more about events, online and in-person, that you can take part in. VAC also offers a wealth of historical information and educational resources along with podcasts, interviews, articles and videos highlighting the personal stories of Canadian veterans.

If you have young family — children or grandchildren — don’t miss this opportunity to introduce them to the concept of remembrance and promote active learning. Veterans Affairs Canada offers a collection of free learning resources for all age ranges such as the Take Time to Remember activity book.

The Royal Canadian Legion

As part of the Royal Canadian Legion’s annual poppy campaign, from the last Friday in October through to Remembrance Day, Canadians proudly wear poppies as a show of support for veterans and a visual reminder of the sacrifices they have made for us. Visit the Legion online to learn more about this year’s activities and get involved.