WREN – The Women Veterans Research and Engagement Network

Woman wearing camouflage makeup.
There are gaps in the government programs available when it comes to the unique needs of women in the military and women veterans.

Serving military and veteran women face unique workplace and transition challenges that must be addressed. Federal Retirees is proud to co-chair, together with Canada Research Chair and professor Dr. Maya Eichler PhD from Mount Saint Vincent University, and female veteran health advocate Dr. Karen Breeck CD, MHSc, MD, the Women Veterans Research and Engagement Network (WREN). Joining forces in October 2019, WREN members include civilian subject matter and lived experience veteran advocates, academics, and research experts along with non-governmental organizations. Together WREN leverages its collective experience and expertise to amplify the voices and needs of military women.

WREN's mission is to ensure equitable lifetime outcomes for women and men veterans in all the seven domains of wellbeing as defined by the Government of Canada. Members of WREN support and promote the government's use of sex- and gender-informed, evidence-based policies and practices in defence and security.

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