10 Reasons to Join the National Association of Federal Retirees

One  Advocacy

The National Association of Federal Retirees (Federal Retirees) advocates uncompromisingly on behalf of its members, seeking to continually improve retirement for federal retirees and all Canadians. If you aren’t proactively working towards pension security and the protection of your health benefits, who will? This is precisely why Federal Retirees was founded more than 55 years ago. We have the best interests of our members at heart and we have the track record to prove it. To see a list of some of Federal Retirees’ historical advocacy successes, please click here. The more members we have, the stronger and more influential our collective voice will be! 


2 Access to our Preferred Partners

Find out what 90,000 members already know about Medoc – that it’s the smartest and safest way to travel.  Get access to unbelievable coverage and unbeatable rates on travel insurance, provided exclusively to Federal Retirees members courtesy of Johnson Insurance.  (Medoc just underwent some significant improvements, all at no added cost to policy holders! Check out the exclusive new enhancements here.) 

In addition to Medoc, you’ll also save money through our other health, travel, and technology preferred partners.  See the full list of National Preferred Partners here, and start saving today. Also, depending on your branch, you’ll have access to additional local partnerships and special offers that are unique to your regional area.

3 All-new special promotion

Save money on your membership dues with a special limited time offer; all members that sign up for the direct deduction at source payment option (DDS) will receive a one time 25% rebate on their annual membership dues.  With the DDS option, your annual membership fees are deducted directly from your pension.  This is the simplest way to become a member and to automatically renew your membership annually.


4 Sage Magazine

Sage magazine is the official voice of Federal Retirees. Sent to all members in their preferred official language on a quarterly basis, Sage features interesting articles and information tailored specifically to Canadian federal retirees. One of the most widely distributed magazines in Canada, it also includes the Association’s most important news, activities, initiatives and announcements.


5 Join a like-minded community

By joining the Association, you’ll join roughly 176,000 other engaged former federal employees like you.  You’ll have access to many Association events, as well as opportunities to volunteer, network, and get involved with activities with your peers through your local branch to support the important mission of the Association.


6 Member Services Team

When you become a member of the National Association of Federal Retirees, you can expect and depend on our exceptional service. Whenever you have questions or concerns about your membership or the work the Association is advancing, our recruitment and member services team will be pleased to take your call or respond to your email.


7 Affordable membership rates 

For about the price of two cups of coffee per month ($4.19), you can become a member of Federal Retirees and reap all the benefits that come with it. A double membership is only slightly more ($5.43/month), and your partner can join even if they’ve never worked for the federal government. They don’t need to be retired, either!


8 Once you join, you’ll have your chance to win great prizes

As soon as you become a member, you will be eligible to participate in the Mega Recruitment Drive and gain access to great prizes and incentives by helping the Association with its recruitment efforts. Refer a new member and instantly receive a prize and a chance to win several other great prizes. The 2019 grand prize is a $10,000 trip for two, courtesy of Collette, the Association’s exclusive travel partner. 


9 Access to expert advice

With pension and health benefit experts on staff, we’re always here to inform and advise you of your rights as federal pensioners.


10 ID cards for veterans

The Federal Retirees Veterans Membership Card is available at no additional cost, and allows members to check multiple pieces of luggage for free when flying with Air Canada, West Jet and Porter Airlines.