Board Members Roles and Responsibilities

Executive officers 

  1. President  
    1. Schedules meetings, prepares the meeting agenda  
    2. Forwards all association related information to board of directors 
    3. Calls and chairs all meetings for the Saskatoon and Area Branch
    4. Attends regional and national conferences on behalf of the membership and reports back to the board of directors on all activities at these outside events.   
    5. Ensures the branch’s scheduled events take place. 
    6. Facilitates fiscal responsibility in all affairs of the branch.   
    7. Ensures regular reports provided to national office for inclusion in the quarterly Sage  
    8. Provides branch mentorship reports to the vice president.   
    9. Ensures board directors are kept up-to-date on changes and new information from national office (NO).   
    10. Represents the branch at Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism meetings and other related organizations meetings as required.   
    11. Responsible for initiating welcome letters to new and transferred in members.
  2. Vice president  
    1. Available in the absence of president to carry on the president role  
    2. Can take on or assist with another director’s responsibility  
    3. Annually reviews policies and by-laws to ensure continued relevance and recommends changes as necessary   
  3.  Treasurer  
    1. Ensures that the financial situation is managed appropriately  
    2. All reporting is made available at scheduled board meetings and to the national office as required 
    3. With assistance from another board directors, takes the money at the door as branch members arrive for the scheduled events 
    4. Track attendance (including participant names) at member events for insurance purposes 
    5. Provides financial reporting at scheduled board meetings 
    6. Provides the fiscal conscience when it comes to spending membership dollars  
    7. Provides up-to-date financial reports at board of directors and branch member meetings when required.  
  4.  Secretary  
    1. Responsible for taking the minutes at all board of directors meetings, special meetings and AGMs 
    2. Ensures minutes of these meetings are maintained and retained electronically  
    3. Ensure records are maintained for archival purposes.   
    4. Ensures board directors receive copies of these minutes via email.  
    5. Houses the branch computer, printer and projector 
  5.  Past president 
    1. Presence is not required as per bylaws, unless there are issues or discussions that require past experience for board decisions 


Director positions 

  1. Membership and recruitment liaison  
    1. Provides information or direction to enquiries on joining the Saskatoon and Area Branch or other branches in the association 
    2. Works with the branch treasurer to ensure our non-DDS members receive follow up for annual dues 
    3. Provides assistance to branch membership when experiencing problems on the CRM 
    4. Provides membership reports at the scheduled board of directors meetings as required 
    5. Acts as the lead and facilitator for the scheduled pre-retirement seminars and initiatives for new recruitment  
    6. Provides updated reports at the scheduled board of directors meetings as required 
  2.  Event liaison  
    1. Works with a volunteer committee of non-board members for the outdoor events (to be confirmed for each event)
    2. Makes suggestions and arrangements for speakers and entertainment  
    3. Ensures the appropriate audio and visual equipment is available for speakers, in conjunction with facility staff 
    4. Ensures thank you card and honorariums are available as required 
    5. Provides updated report at the board of directors meetings as required 
  3.   Communications liaison 
    1. Maintain electronic communication sites: Branch website and Facebook 
    2. Update site and social media content regularly 
    3. Responsible for updating documents on the OneDrive folder as needed
  4. Branch advocacy liaison (BAL)
    1. Communicate regularly with the APO to ensure awareness of key advocacy issues and national advocacy strategies.  
    2. Designated contact and coordinator for branch advocacy activities, works closely with the advocacy program officer (APO) in support of the Association’s national advocacy strategy.   
    3. May attend the Association’s annual meetings of members at the discretion of the board of directors. 
    4. Serve as advocacy contact for the branch advocacy information and coordinating branch activities  

Nomination and election committee 

When vacancies occur on the board of directors (and with board approval), recruit and encourage members with announcements at the branch indoor events — identifying members to stand for nominations at the AGM  

  1. Finding volunteers for one-time projects 
  2. Recruit board directors to assist with the annual AGM  
  3. Oversee nomination and election process 
  4. Provides updated report at the board of directors meetings as required  

Other roles

  1. Technological liaison  
    1. Responsible for the updates to the electronic assets e.g., laptop, printers, projector, iCloud Drive, Drupal (website)   
    2. Go-to person for inquiries or questions about electronic assets  
    3. Recommend appropriate hardware updates to be purchased and repairs as required
  2. Health and benefits officer (HBO)
    1. Assist members with questions related to health care and benefits e.g., MEDOC, Public Service Healthcare Plan 
    2. Provide updated report at the board of directors meetings as required   
    3. Requires vulnerable record check



Advocacy Committee
Committee Mandate 

  • Identify advocacy opportunities and partnerships 
  • Work with national Office planning and implementing events and initiatives related to Federal and Provincial elections (i.e, letter writing campaigns, media releases, townhall) 
  • Meet with MPs and/or MLAs to discuss Federal Retirees’ priorities)

(*as we head into the provincial election in the Fall of 2024, additional meetings/time may be needed)  

Member Commitment

  • Attend regular committee meetings as needed (once every month* for no more than 2 hours, may be in-person or virtual) 
  • Perform tasks related to carrying out events and initiatives identified by the Committee 
  • Share information relevant to and supportive of the Association advocacy recommendations  
  • Regularly review National communications and training materials on the National Volunteer Information Portal

Nominations Committee
Committee mandate

  • Recruit and encourage branch members to join the branch board of directors
  • Recruit and encourage branch members to join branch committees
  • Recruit volunteers for one-time projects, including assisting at the branch annual meeting

Member commitment

  • Work with the committee chair to identify potential board and committee members
  • Contact potential volunteers as identified
  • Report as required to the committee chair on the contacts made and results
  • Time commitment:  irregular, throughout the year dependent on board and committee needs

Membership Committee
Committee mandate

  • Maintain contact with members to ensure Association records are current and accurate
  • Follow up with lapsed members to understand the reason for withdrawal
  • Contact members not on automatic renewals via credit card or deduction of dues at source to ensure they are aware of those options and how to access them

Member commitment

  • Be part of a phone tree to contact members
  • Report as required to the committee chair on the number of contacts made and results
  • Time per month:  estimated at two to four hours

Recruitment Committee
Committee mandate

  • Ensure potential members are made aware of and informed on the Association mission and activities, including advocacy work and pension and benefits protection at the national level along with advocacy and member connection and engagement at the branch level
  • Inform potential members of the benefits of members, including partner services and discounts

Member commitment

  • Assist in developing and presenting information sessions to potential members
  • Be available at member and recruitment events to discuss and promote the benefits of membership in the Association
  • The time commitment will vary greatly, sometimes less than hour, and sometimes as much as four to five hours per month

Event Committee
Committee mandate

  • Planning, purchasing and delivering groceries to event venues
  • Planning and coordinating the set-up of events, including table set up, food preparation, and signage
  •  Assisting with event clean up and delivery of leftover items to charitable organization

Member commitment

  • Assist in generating ideas for various events, including potential speakers and activities
  • Attendance at the 5 annual events (where at all possible); time commitment is focused around these events and would typically require about 2-3 hours of times per event
  • Energetic attitude focused on delivering an enjoyable event for attendees