Role Description: Branch Secretary

National Association of Federal Retirees
Calgary and District Branch


Title: Secretary

Role: As a member of the branch board, the secretary provides effective governance, focusing on
administrative functions.
Working as an integral member of the branch board and accountable to the branch president, the secretary
is responsible for all administrative needs of the branch.


As a member of the Board, the Secretary must be fully informed on organizational matters and participates
in board deliberations and decisions in matters of policy, programs and advocacy.

The Secretary is responsible for the following:

  •   Serves on the executive committee
  •   Keeps copies of the Association’s bylaws, branch bylaws and the Branch Board’s policy statements
  •   Maintains a full contact list of branch Board members (and Committees) including Board member appointment dates, terms of appointments and Board member bios
  •   Schedules and notifies Board members of meetings
  •   Creates and distributes agenda for branch Board meetings
  •   Makes sure that there is quorum at Board meetings
  •   Ensures accurate recording and distribution of Minutes of the Board meetings, General Members meetings and the Annual General Meeting
  •   Signs Board and Membership Meeting Minutes to attest their accuracy
  •   Records all corrections to Minutes
  •   Keeps copies of Minutes of Board, Committee and Membership meetings
  •   Conducts general Board correspondence
  •   Manages incoming correspondence (mail and electronic) and directs as appropriate
  •   Keeps records of all Board correspondence
  •   Signs branch’s official documents as required

General Expectations:

  •   Respects and follows all Association and branch bylaws, regulations and directives, including the Code of Conduct.
  •   Attend all Board meetings, assigned committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting
  •   Attending these meetings fully prepared in advance to facilitate the efficient running of the meetings
  •   Willingness to serve on Committees
  •   Attends meetings of assigned Committees
  •   Supports special events
  •   Prior to vacating the Secretary position, assists in recruiting and training a successor.

Skills and Competencies:

  •   Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
  •   Knowledge of general writing skills
  •   Knowledge of Word and Excel software
  •   Knowledge of and experience in using the internet and Zoom platform
  •   Knowledge of meeting procedures, decision-making rules, governance policies and Association and branch by-laws