Our Election 2019 Priorities: Frequently Asked Questions

Seniors in a classroom.


This spring, the National Association of Federal Retirees named four key priorities for the 2019 federal election: a National Seniors Strategy, retirement income security, support for veterans and their families, and pharmacare.

Seniors represent the fastest growing demographic in the country and the next government has an important role to play in adapting public policies and systems to the needs of today’s growing seniors population, and in future-proofing our policies and systems for tomorrow’s seniors. The National Association of Federal Retirees has launched a campaign to ensure these issues are front and centre on the political agenda.

Speaking with our friends and family about these issues is a big part of an effective campaign. To support this and to provide additional information to our members and the public, we’ve taken a closer look at each of these issues and developed helpful “Frequently Asked Questions” documents.


Frequently Asked Questions:

National Seniors Strategy

Retirement Income Security

Support for Veterans and their Families



To learn more about the campaign, events happening in your community, and to add your name in support, visit our Elections Corner.