Volunteer Recruitment and Engagement

As mentioned in our president’s message, one of our most serious branch challenges is finding new volunteers to lead the branch. We are incredibly fortunate to have an experienced and dedicated team currently guiding our affairs. However, we need to start to plan for the future as the terms of three of our four elected members expire following our AGM next April.

The timing is right to seek out members to fill those positions. We will be able to start forming a new leadership team, and provide valuable training/mentoring for the new volunteers.

The board positions to be filled follow.

Vice-president (Currently filled by Gloria Cayea):

  • The vice-president shall assume the duties of president in the event of the president’s absence, disability, or refusal to act. The vice-president shall have such other duties and powers as the branch board may specify.

Treasurer (Currently filled by Diane Kerr):

  • Keeps the financial account of the branch using the Association’s online accounting system. Internet access and a web browser are required.
  • Exercises primary signing authority for expenditures.
  • At each branch annual meeting, the treasurer submits:
    • A report of the branch finances for the previous fiscal year,
    • A budget forecast for the next fiscal period.

Director of membership (Currently filled by Bill Mason):

  • The director of membership maintains the membership records for the branch.

The volunteer recruitment and engagement director position is currently vacant. This is a very important position we would like to fill as soon as possible. 

Thank you for considering volunteering for your branch. Again, if you are interested, please contact the branch for further information. Click here for contact information. Your interest and participation can only serve to strengthen the branch, and the National Association of Federal Retirees going forward.