Open Letter to the Public Service from Prime Minister Stephen Harper

October 02, 2015

This just in – in an open letter, Prime Minister Harper has made his statement on target benefit pensions for federal public servants and retirees.

“We will not be moving away from the current defined benefit plan to a defined contribution plan, target benefit plan, or any other shared-risk model,” states the Prime Minister. “The public service pension plan is solid and fully-funded, and there is no need to make any such changes. These are the facts.”

Our national political parties have all now committed to honouring pension promises to federal employees and retirees. Federal Retirees expects our next federal government to embed those promises in legislation, regardless of who ultimately wins the October 19 election and forms government.

Read the full letter here.

The Conservatives’ open letter focuses on the federal public service and does not specifically mention veterans. We’re working to clarify that. You’ll also note that the open letter is silent on the Public Service Health Care Plan matter. The Association is still in the process of seeking a declaration from the courts on that matter.

More on the promises the political parties have made to public servants over the course of the 2015 federal election are found in this Ottawa Citizen article.

Federal Retirees looks forward to the work ahead – ensuring the parties’ election promises are honoured and that Canadians’ retirements remain secure.