PSHCP pensioners’ representative report for December

December 12, 2023
Federal Retirees’ president Roy Goodall.
In his December pensioners’ representative report to members, Federal Retirees president Roy Goodall discusses important news and updates related to the PSHCP and the transition to Canada Life.

The past several months have been difficult for many who are having problems with the transition to Canada Life from Sun Life that began on July 1, 2023. I hope things are starting to settle down a bit, though we know some of you are still struggling.

And even if the dust is starting to settle, there are still updates that need to be communicated to our membership. I’m happy to pass them on in my capacity as the pensioners’ representative on the Partners Committee.

First, it’s important to note that starting Jan. 1, 2024, the PSHCP will include a mandatory generic substitution policy. If you are taking a brand-name drug that is affected by the PSHCP mandatory generic substitution policy, you will receive a letter from Canada Life detailing your options. Please follow the instructions provided in this must-read letter. For members who cannot take the generic drug for medical reasons, there is an exception form available from Canada Life. It’s important to get it filled out by your doctor and submitted.

If you have feedback on the mandatory generic substitution plan provision, please get in touch with us, ideally by email at so  we get a complete picture of how this is affecting our members. I know some doctors in Calgary, for example, charge for filling out forms, which are not claimable under the PSHCP, and I hear that’s also beginning to happen in Ontario. If this is happening to you, I’d like to know.

In other correspondence, you will also receive PSHCP Bulletin 47 in the near future. This bulletin will clarify changes to the PSHCP and the implementation processes. Please read it, and follow the guidance provided. 

To summarize, if you have comments to share on the mandatory generic substitution policy, I as your pensioner representative, want to hear them. When you write to me at, please be specific with the facts surrounding your case and please provide copies of supporting evidence (such as the prescription receipts, non-reimbursable doctors’ bills, etc.)

I appreciate your help in this regard, and I assure you I will be representing your interests and fighting for your rights from my seat at the Partners Committee.