MEDOC COVID-19 update

On Oct. 21, we published a letter from our CEO, Simon Coakeley, detailing the benefits of MEDOC and the work the MEDOC team has done to continue its excellent support of Federal Retirees members. We encourage you to read that article in our newsfeed as well as the letter below from Robert G. Dowden, vice-president of affinity client relations at Johnson Insurance, providing important updates about MEDOC travel insurance.

For more information, please refer to Johnson Insurance’s COVID-19 updates page or contact the MEDOC team at 1-855-772-6675 (toll-free).


June 11, 2020

Dear MEDOC Customer,


These are different times and while the globe continues to confront the pandemic and travel uncertainty, we wanted to share with you a quick update.

At Johnson Insurance, our core objective is to protect our customers. We are proud that MEDOC travel insurance has already supported a record number of customers who have had to cancel a future trip or whose trip was interrupted and needed help returning to Canada.

MEDOC is an annual travel insurance policy designed to cover multiple trips, allowing customer’s flexibility to take advantage of the Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption and Medical coverage throughout the year while still being priced competitively.

We understand how this pandemic has impacted your plans following the Government of Canada issued travel advisory and we have heard your concerns. MEDOC continues to provide medical coverage for many Canadians who have as yet been unable to return to their homes in Canada. Trip Cancellation coverage also continues for trips booked prior to the travel advisory. Travel within Canada is also still covered as our provincial borders gradually begin to open, and your policy is still in force.

While there continues to be many unknowns as to what the travel world will look like in the coming months, we have been working diligently with our stakeholders and with Federal Retirees to provide some additional value to our policyholders. Your Travel insurance policy, which would normally be reissued on September 1st of each year, has been extended for an additional 60 days for current policyholders. This means you will have travel insurance coverage up to October 31 2020 at no additional cost. Our hope is that with more time we will have more certainty and stability within the Travel industry and that we will all be able to enjoy our industry-leading travel insurance in the future.

We value your patronage and hope that you and your family are staying safe and well and that you and all Canadians will be travelling again soon.


Johnson Insurance

Johnson Insurance is a tradename of Johnson Inc. (“JI”), a licensed insurance intermediary, and operates as Johnson Insurance Services in British Columbia and Johnson Inc. in Manitoba.


Last updated: October 21, 2020


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