The following are the 2021-2022 board of directors and their assigned areas of responsibility.

Brenda Powell
Responsible for general leadership of the board.

Vice President
Jim McQuaid
Responsible to act for the president as required.

Past President
Ted Van Lunen
Responsible to lead the nominating committee for elections.

Jim McQuaid
Responsible for recording all the activities of the board.

Al Green
Responsible for tracking all our funds and keeping the board on budget.

Health Benefits Officer
Faye Clow
Works with our members on navigating issues with SunLife.

Program Officer
Brenda Powell
Responsible for organizing program events, meeting speakers and organizing the annual BBQ and Gala Dinner.

Membership Chair - Vacant
Responsible for maintaining our membership database and
sorting out membership issues.  President Brenda Powell is currently covering. 

Benevolent Chair
Janet Fisher
Responsible for working with the benevolent side of our branch. Reaches out to family members who lost a loved one with a card & letter that provides information regarding who to call and what to do regarding federal pensions, health benefits, etc. 

Newsletter Chair - Vacant
Vacant - please put your name forward if you would like to volunteer to help with quarterly newsletters.

Responsible for publishing quarterly newsletter, web development and contacting members to update about our events.

Members are encouraged to contact our Charlottetown Branch Association email address to offer suggestions or seek advice at: