Step 4 – Get louder

Thank you for gathering support and building momentum for a National Seniors Strategy! Our team of advocates is growing, and so is the strength of our campaign! Together, we can really make a difference.

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This next step is a lot of fun – it’s time to get louder!

Each step we have taken so far has helped build grassroots support for our campaign for a National Seniors Strategy. Next, we need to take big, bold action to attract attention to our campaign, and to continue building support.

From having an in-person meeting with your Member of Parliament, to writing a letter-to-the-editor, there are lots of ways to build support and pressure to implement a National Seniors Strategy.

We have put together tools to help you with this outreach, including:

-          Meeting with your MP guides

-          National Seniors Strategy discussion guides

-          Letter-to-the-editor


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