Step 2 – Spread the word

Thank you for contacting your Member of Parliament! Your message makes a big difference, and brings us closer to our goal – the implementation of a National Seniors Strategy.

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Now, take the next step – spreading the word.

A single message to a Member of Parliament is effective. It represents a vote – the key to any Member of Parliament keeping their job. Any politician will tell you that every vote counts, and that’s certainly true. But if one message and vote matters, imagine the strength of hundreds or thousands of messages!

We all have our own networks of friends, family and colleagues that we connect with all the time – and increasingly, we connect with them online. In no more time than it takes to share a fun family photo or news article, you can share information on how to take action for a National Seniors Strategy.

Using the sample social media posts for Facebook and Twitter below, you can quickly and easily inform people in your own network about the importance of our campaign and how they can support our cause.

We have already put together a message for you, but feel free to write your own.


Ready to take the second step?


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