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Calling all Veterans – have your say!

Veterans Outreach Initiative.

Thank you for your service to Canada and for lending your voice to help us to understand Veterans’ needs better.  We are an independent, not for profit association with 60,000 Veterans among our 180,000 members.

If you were unable to attend one of our town hall sessions or if you did and were not able to answer one of the questions that is really important to you, you can respond via one of the attached web survey buttons here. We invite you to submit your responses by the closing date of Friday, November 17, 2017.

Each button covers a survey area we asked about in our town halls.  You can answer any or all of the survey areas.

The questions are open ended and you will have a maximum of 500 characters to share for each response.

You can’t save a survey and finish later but you can submit it and come back later to answer a question you may have missed.

Responses are anonymous and will be included in the report along with what we have heard at the town hall sessions.

When you finish a survey, hit “submit” to send your answers.

Button:  Your Service Transition

      Button:  Family Perspectives
Button:  Veterans Affairs Processes
      Button:  Veterans Affairs Programs