Election notice for annual meeting of members – April 2021

Nominations are now open for president, vice-president and treasurer of the Nanaimo and Area Branch.

At the time of this writing, Rick Roberts will stand for re-election as president and Penny Kanigan will stand for re-election as treasurer. Both these positions are for a two-year term. To date, there are no candidates for the vice-president position.

The vice-president’s term will be until the AGM in 2022.

Nominations will close for these positions on March 23, 2021.

Voting for the executive committee (directors), will also take place at our annual general meeting in April and those standing for re-election are: Andy Gilman, Charles Scrivener, Linda Wiltse, Marg Smith, Christine Walker.

There are positions available as members of the executive committee (directors) and we urge members to come forward as we are in need of at least four volunteers to join with us. Please contact any one of those named below, or contact any of the executive for further information.  

Robert (Bob) Willis
Chair, nominating committee
(250) 468-0260

Vic Ashdown 

Fran Graham