Détails de l'événement

General meeting and recruitment event

Join us for our general meeting and recruitment event featuring guest speaker Dr. Nerine Kleinhans.

Arriving in Creston, with her family, from Kindersley, Saskatchewan in 2013 Dr. Nerine Kleinhans began practice at Summit Medical Clinic and is a well-respected general practitioner. Dr. Kleinhans was chief of staff at the Creston Hospital during COVID-19. In that role she provided our community with timely, clear and informative advice regarding the virus. Since COVID-19 has become somewhat more manageable and routine, other issues are starting to emerge. For example, has anyone heard of the MOST medical form? Many have not, so Dr. Kleinhans has agreed to speak with us regarding this relatively new medical form. MOST is an acronym for Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment and she will explain what it is and when it is necessary and utilized.

Date de l'événement

16 nov. 2022 12h à 15h

Lieu de l'événement

Creston Hotel
1418 Canyon St.,
Creston, BC