2018 Annual Spring General Meeting


24 APRIL 2018

1.     Call to Order

In the absence of both the President and Vice President, the Treasurer called the meeting to order at 1310 hrs.

2.     Opening Remarks

Ted Kasprzak, Treasurer and Acting Chair, welcomed everyone. He stated that he was also the guest speaker, and would be presenting clinical trials for cancer treatments following the meeting.

3.     Previous Minutes

There having been an error in that incorrect minutes were copied for the members, the secretary read aloud the minutes of the previous meeting; held 17 Oct 2017. Moved by Agnes Ward and seconded by Neil Elliott that the previous minutes be accepted as read.


4.    Committee Reports

a)     Vice President, Membership
In the absence of the Vice President, the Chair read the membership numbers as of 05 Apr 2018.         
DDS 421 Double 371 Single 1223 Total
NDDS 46 Double 52 Single   144 Total
    Grand Total 1367
Ted encouraged the members to invite their friends to become members.
b)     Treasurers Report
Ted reviewed the 2017 actual financial statement. He briefed the members on our reduced rent for 2018 that was negotiated to a lump sum payment of $2000.00 annually. He also stated that we are now on a Bell loyalty program, which reduced our phone and internet bill.

Don Embree advised the members that he had done a cross section audit, and that we are $10.12 short, and neither he nor Ted can find it. Petty cash is up aprox $10 from what it should be, so the shortage will be taken from there.

Moved by Ray McIntosh, seconded by Lorne Bermel that the audit be accepted as presented.


c)      Health Benefits and Senior’s Issues

Ian Inrig briefed the members on health issues, including what to do for falls; and recommending a self help call button for those living alone. He stated that info is available in the 50 Plus magazine provided free at grocery stores. He reminded anyone interested that there are copies of a brochure on falls at the office. Ian also briefed Senior’s Issues, including scams and telecalls.

There was some discussion about various types of telecalls and how to avoid them. There was also some  discussion on whether or not self help call buttons were covered by Veterans Affairs. One member stated that if you are already receiving benefits from Veterans Affairs the call button is definitely covered. He was unsure if they would cover it for those not already receiving benefits.
d)      Welfare
Agnes Ward stated that Chuck Flower; Peter Tutleberg; and David Hayward have died, and that cards have been sent to their families.
e)     Telephone Committee
Denny Quirk reported that 181 of our members have no e-mail, so his committee phones those members to ensure they have the same info that is sent out by e-mail from our branch. He read out the names of everyone on the committee and thanked them for their help.
f)      Social Events
Gloria Johnson reported that a successful Christmas dinner was held at Branch 110 of the Legion. She stated that tickets for the June 13 BBQ are now on sale; that the volunteer appreciation dinner is scheduled for May 31; the fall General Meeting is scheduled for Tues Oct 16 here at the Legion; and the 2018 Christmas Luncheon is planned for Fri Dec 7, also here at Branch 110.
g)     PR and Publicity
Attila Kostya briefed the members on our branch website. He asked them to check it out and see our news and events, including minutes for our  executive, annual and general meetings.

5.     Business Arising

Ted informed the members that the savings we now have from the reduced rent and the Bell bill need to be spent on the members, and asked for suggestions from the floor. The suggestion to reduce membership fees was declined, and it was explained that we have no control over those, as National determines them. A suggestion to reduce event costs will be considered by the treasurer after quotes for events are received. Prices are going up and it may be only possible to keep event costs at their current levels. A suggestion of a donation to TMH (Trenton Memorial Hospital) was turned down as we are a not for profit organization and are not permitted to make donations. The suggestion that we go back to having sandwiches at annual and general meetings was agreed to by a majority of the members, so sandwiches will be served starting at the Fall General Meeting.

Ted reminded the members that we are not accepting cash for membership fees. He requested that everyone who prefers to pay at the office bring a cheque, which we will forward to Ottawa for processing.

6.     New Business

There was none.

7.     Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held Tues Oct 16, 2018, here at the Legion.

8.     Adjournment

There being no further business, it was moved by Merv Matiowsky and seconded by Don Embree that the meeting be adjourned at 1404 hrs.


During the meeting, three draws were held for a prize of $30 each. The winners were: John Godwin; Jim Hill; and Gerry King.

Nancy Everett                                                                   Ted Kasprzak
  Secretary                                                                         Acting Chair