2018 Annual Fall General Meeting

16 OCTOBER 2018

1.      Call to Order
The President, Tom Kupecz, called the meeting to order at 1336.

2.      Opening Remarks
Tom welcomed everyone, and discussed membership recruiting. We need to talk to people we know and get them interested in joining NAFR.

3.      Previous Minutes
The minutes from the Spring Annual Meeting were reviewed by the members. Moved by Don Embree, seconded by Agnes Ward, that the minutes be accepted as presented.


4.      Committee Reports

a)      Vice President, Membership
Hugh Mackay briefed the current membership numbers:

DDS           417 Double           317 Single           1207 Total
NDDS          46 Double             49 Single             141 Total
                                                                    Grand Total          1348

This total shows a small decrease from this time last year.

Hugh asked everyone who is not on the current email list to see him after the meeting. He reminded everyone about the Christmas Luncheon and stated that tickets would be available until 30 Nov. As usual, if members
are not able to make it to the office for their tickets, they can mail in a cheque and their tickets will be waiting at the door.

b)      Treasurer’s Report
Ted Kasprzak reviewed the 2019 budget. He stated that we have $14,984.67 in GICs at the Kawartha Credit Union and $2,745 in the Bank of Montreal. He discussed the contingency fund and our operating expenses, and stated that the Executive plans to spend any extra funds gained from the rent decrease on subsidizing events for the members. Moved by Alex Chambers, seconded by Lise Rolsky that the 2019 budget be accepted as presented.


c)      Health, Benefits & Senior Issues
Ian Inrig briefed the members on current scams. He stated that there is a very good booklet put out by the Australians, but it is out of print. He was able to locate a Canadian edition, but it too is out of print. That one is,
however, available on line at http://www.competitionbureau.gc.ca/epic/site/cb-bc.nst/eng/04333.html. He mentioned other scams currently going around, including one supposedly from the Toronto Star, one
supposedly from the Canada Revenue Agency and a phone call about the sad news of cancer from a member of your family.

Ian discussed health issues, covering the transparent truth about colon cancer and a Valsartan recall because of carcinogenic contamination. He mentioned phone and door threats and reminded the members if in doubt
call the OPP.
d)      Welfare
Agnes Ward briefed the deaths since the Annual Meeting.
e)      Telephone Committee
Denny Quirk reminded the members of what the Telephone Committee does and how important it is. We have 174 households with no email, so the only way they can get up to date information is via telephone.
f)       Social Events
Gloria Johnson briefed the members on this year’s and next year’s functions.

The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner took place on May 31 at the Whistling Duck in Brighton.

The Annual BBQ was held at the Legion on June 6.

This year’s Christmas Luncheon will be held at the Legion on Fri Dec 7.
She stated that tickets are available now, and that ticket sales end 30 Nov.
Members were reminded to call the NAFR office at 613-394-4633 with and questions and for tickets, NOT the Legion.

The Spring Annual Meeting will be held at the Legion on Apr 16, 2019.
The Annual BBQ will be at the Legion on Wed June 5, 2019.
The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner details will be announced at a later date.
The Fall General Meeting will be held at the Legion on Oct 15, 2018.
The Christmas Luncheon will be at the Legion on Dec 6, 2019.

g)      PR & Publicity
Attila Kostya was unable to attend the meeting, Tom explained the website and what Attila does for us.


Ted informed the members that an amendment to our 2017 financial statement is required. National found a minor issue, caused by a program glitch. He stated that we are probably going to have to amend our financial statements on an annual basis, due to the timing of some DDS membership payments, which don’t come in until the following year.

Ted briefed the revised 2017 Financial Statement. Moved by Ted Kasprzak, seconded by Don Embree, that the revised m2017 Financial Statement be accepted as presented.


7.       2019 BUDGET

The 2019 Budget was presented and accepted during the Treasurer’s report.

8.       ELECTIONS

Tom stated that the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are up for renewal, and that he has not received any volunteers interested in challenging the current incumbents. He asked for nominations
from the floor, and received none. The current President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer were acclaimed for another year.


There was none.


The Spring Annual Meeting will be held at the Legion on Tues 16 Apr 2019.


There being no further business, it was moved my Ian Inrig, seconded by Agnes Ward that the meeting adjourn at 1418.


Nancy Everett                                                          Tom Kupecz
Secretary                                                                  President