2015 Federal Election Session and Info

We had invited local candidates from the three major federal political parties to address our September meeting regarding their party's platforms on topics of special interest to our membership to help provide you with important information for your vote, leading up to the October 19 election.


The meeting was not in a debate format.  Each candidate had an opportunity to address the attendees for 10 to 15 minutes followed by a Question-and-Answer opportunity with each speaker in order that our members could seek answers to their concerns.  A delicious luncheon buffet was held between the speaker sessions.

Unfortunately, only the New Democratic Party and the Liberal Party accepted our invitation to speak to us.

The meeting was lively with lots of questions for both candidates


Hopefully you took a minute to learn more about the Association's Honour Your Promise campaign, and like the campaign's Facebook Page.

With the 2015 federal election now history, the Association will be working to ensure that promises important to our members that were made are kept!



Irene Mathyssen  of the New Democratic Party          Kate Young of the Liberal Party

                                                      and Branch President Gerry Filek