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I used mine (hearing aid gift card) at ListenUp in Fergus, Ont. Staff very helpful and friendly; also very good with hearing test. I knew my left ear was bad after driving on the airport for many years; no air conditioning in those days. Had my test done by Chad, Total cost $4,790. With the card and OHIP, my cost $1,790, with my wife's plan paying $1,000 and our plan $800. Someone owes me $10.

Thank you, Federal Retirees. Good job.

—Allen Welke

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Investing in your hearing is investing in happiness.

By the age of 60, 47% of Canadians are suffering from some level of hearing loss. Hearing aid wearers report greater confidence, improved sociability, less cognitive strain, and better relationships. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Campaign for Better Hearing to encourage everyone over the age of 60 to get a free baseline hearing test.

To find a location near you and to schedule your FREE hearing test visit
 or call 1-888-903-8146. However, due to provincial law in Quebec member offers are slightly different. Please call 1-888-903-5391 for further details or to schedule your appointment at a Groupe Forget clinic.


If you have any shortages of clinic coverage in your area please contact Cheryl Anderson, Affinity Partner Coordinator at


Affiliate brands also include: 

  • Keystone Hearing Aid Centre, St. Vital Hearing Centre in Manitoba; 
  • Lloydminster Hearing Centre, Prairie Hearing Centre, Advantage Hearing Centre in Alberta, and 
  • NexGen Hearing in British Columbia.

While we recognize that there is currently a void in Quebec and much of Atlantic Canada, HearingLife are constantly trying to expand. It is our hope that there will be more offices in Quebec and Atlantic Canada soon. They are the largest provider in Canada and it is for that reason that we pursued this opportunity. We do try to respond to the needs of as many members as possible. We are sincerely sorry if it does not currently respond to your specific needs but we will keep trying!